About Us

Learn more about Austenite and our story.

Austenite Web Hosting

Austenite is a young, energetic, forward thinking company trying to change the web hosting industry one web site at a time. Regardless of the situation there's a good chance we've been there and done that. We'll always treat your sites and your custom with the utmost respect.

In addition to a personal service we also provide features generally reserved for the big spenders.

539 W. Commerce #381, Dallas TX 75208

How it started


Working as a Freelancer

Austenite was born - albeit under a completelt different brand and mission.

The idea is Born

After two years of freelancing designing and developing websites as well as consultancy for other brands our our owner came up with the name 'Austenite'. We then designed and published our first site and launched our first shared hosting products.



We expand

We expand into the EU & US markets which are both now our primary offerings and locations, both ideally connected stretching two contintents Austenite becomes truly worldwide.

500+ Austenite Clients

We finally break the 500 barrier, a massive milestone and achievement for the whole Austenite team. Clients continue to choose our good value and honest, human approach to web hosting over faceless corporate entities.



New Look

The new Austenite site launched looking the best it ever has, with a new unique and engaging site along with our offering and approach we look forward to the next 1000!

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